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Prescription Sunglasses Combine Style, Utility And Convenience

Even for those of us who normally wear contact lenses, having a pair of prescription sunglasses is always useful and convenient. There are times when beach sand and soft lenses do not mix well, for example, but protection from harsh sunlight is still necessary. Or, there may simply be days when wearing stylish prescription sunglasses just seems less complicated.

This is especially true for those whose choices in eye-wear may not include contact lenses. Prescription eyeglasses have many advantages, including rock-solid vision correction. Unfortunately, there are situations where even the most precise vision correction may not help. Driving directly into the sun, for example, either means shielding your eyes with your hands, or wearing some of those clumsy and unattractive clip-on sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses may be the solution. These types of sunglasses are available in nearly any correction, including bifocals or progressive lenses. Even for those who need glasses only for reading, there are many styles and materials available today. Modern lenses usually conform to one of three major sun-glass evaluations, depending on location. This includes the Australian, European, and American standards, all of which are based on protection from light, and impact control.

Prescription sunglasses are made from a variety of materials, most of which are combinations of space-age, lightweight plastics and polycarbonates. Manufacturers avoid old-fashioned glass, even though it can make the best visual corrections, because it may not conform to modern safety regulations. In addition to standard tints, some of these ave progressive, or photochromic tinted lenses, which automatically darken and lighten according to the amount of sunlight.

Unless specially treated, prescription sunglasses are no different from regular eye-wear when it comes to blocking ultraviolet rays. While darker lenses somehow look as though they provide better protection, the reality is that ultraviolet shielding is unrelated to lens color. Ask your optician to verify that your new prescription sunglasses include 100% ultraviolet protection along with the regular visual correction and tint.

Do not worry about sacrificing style for function. As any celebrity knows, the right pair of sunglasses can add an air of mystique and make an instant fashion statement, and take their stylistic trends from the latest runway fashions. Retro is always in style, and larger, futuristic looking frames are always popular. Wraparounds, modern-looking shields, and metal-framed aviators usually capture the attention of the style-conscious.

For a bit higher price, there are prescription sunglasses available in trendy designer frames, ranging from the established European design houses, to those made popular on the street. Whatever style you ultimately choose, remember that the real reason for wearing them is eye protection. While fashionable glasses are fun, make sure that your new frames fit the highest standards for eye-care and vision maintenance.

Types of Wholesale Sunglass Accessories

Wholesalers of sun glasses have to store sunglass accessories because these have equal demand as the sunglasses have. You will find several wholesale sun glass accessories which can be stored by the wholesalers. Here is a small summary of common accessories which are usually stored.

Repair kits are usually stocked in large numbers by wholesalers. These repair kits usually contain everything which is essential to fix small things in a sunglass, so that the user can repair them as soon as a need is felt. It includes a handy tool, some assorted screws, some nose pieces and some assorted nuts. These are usually sold by dealers in dozens for the convenience of the retailers.

Another important accessory which is of much use for the retailer is the polarized sunglass sign. This is an important tool for the advertisement and promotion of your retail unit. It helps to increase the sale of polarized sun glass. These signs are usually sold as single pieces. Any customer who comes to purchase polarized shades is asked to look at this sign board – those who wear polarized sunglasses are able to see the fish while others are not. This helps to explain the amazing cutting property of polarized shades which helps customers to make purchase these sunglasses. This acts as a sales promotion tool.

Sunglasses cases are usually demanded by customers so that they are able to keep all sunglasses safe and secure when not in use. A customer usually makes a purchase of the case whenever a sunglass is purchased. This makes them happy that the sun glasses are getting care from its very first day. These cases are available in many colors and in different sizes. You will get shades which are of medium size to large size cases for sunglasses which are bigger in shape. Most cases are made of durable material and are usually sold in dozen. If you are looking for wholesale accessories do not forget to include these cases in your collection of accessories.

Another very important sunglass accessory which is required for the maintenance of sunglasses are the cleaning clothes of these sun glasses. They need special cloth for cleaning so that the lens do not get damaged due to scratches in them. These are made to keep any sunglasses clean. Usually these cleaning clothes are sold by dozen. There are many retailers who offer these sunglasses cleaning clothes to buyers completely FREE of cost, as a gesture to thank them for making purchases from the store. Customers love free goods and they are happy to get such useful cleaning material from their store.

Sunglass cords are also available as fast selling accessories. These cords are usually used by children and often distributed free with kids sun glasses. The main aim of these cords is to help to keep sunglasses firmly in place, so that they do not become lose and distract the user fall off and get damaged. Sun glass cords are available of different materials and can be chosen as per the choice of the user.

Asian Fit Sunglasses – Finding Sunglasses That Fit Unique Asian Facial Features

Last year 113 million pairs of sunglasses were purchased across the United States. Presumably, many of those were purchased by the 13 million consumers of Asian descent in this country. And it’s very likely most were unhappy with the fit and feel of what they bought.

And for good reason. Asian facial bone structure is generally much different than Caucasian bone structure. Asians typically have a lower nose bridge and higher cheekbones than most Caucasians. And when you put a pair of sunglasses designed for Caucasian bone structure on an Asian face, the glasses will often slide down the wearer’s nose and sit on their checks, leaving a telltale indentation.

It’s annoying and uncomfortable. Just ask Margaret Cho, a Korean-American comedienne. Check out this post on her website: “Why can’t I, an Asian American woman, find a decent pair of glasses that will a) fit my face, b) not give me a migraine whenever I put them on, c) not slide down my nose, d) not give me acne in the spots where the kidney-shaped pads are placed on the glasses, as if that would help me keep the glasses on my ‘misshapen’ misadventure of a head…”

A simple solution is wire rims with adjustable nose pads. But not everyone likes the style. So then what? How do you find a pair of sunglasses that fit Asian features? You either have to conduct an exhaustive search of the existing frames made for Caucasian bone structure and hope to find an oddity, a pair that actually work for you, or, you can try the products offered by the several manufacturers that produce a line of Asian sunglasses, or “Asian Fit” sunglasses as they are sometimes called.

Unfortunately, finding these product lines in stores here in the United States is a challenge. Although manufacturers have had great success selling glasses tailored to Asian bone structure in Asian countries, they have been somewhat reluctant to push them in the U.S.. Gucci, Oliver Peoples, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Fendi all have small Asian fit lines, but you would never know it. There is almost no large scale advertising of these products.

Why aren’t these brands doing more to make the buying public aware of their Asian fit sunglasses? Because manufacturers do not like selling to one specific audience to the exclusion of others, especially when the distinction is perceived as being racially based. Asian versus Caucasian is not a winner for the marketing and PR departments of big brands.

Some manufacturers have bucked the trend. Oakley specifically uses the term “Asian Fit” for its sunglasses designed for Asian faces. But they have taken some heat for this. One designer has gone further, and does not seem concerned by the potential backlash. That might be because she herself is Asian.

Fei Wang started an eponymously named line of eyewear several years ago designed specifically for Asian consumers. Wang is Chinese but not now lives and works in London. Her glasses are sold on-line and in shops throughout the world.

Things are improving for Asians looking to buy sunglasses, but slowly. In the meantime, they must continue to search out the brands and particular designs that fit their unique facial features.

An Unbiased Review of Smith & Wesson Mag-Force Black Poker Glasses

Poker glasses are endowed with multiple features when compared to the natural sunglasses. Hiding the eyes from the opponent becomes an important trick while playing poker. Accordingly, a proper pair of sunglasses is extremely needful in order to be matching with the thrilling environment of the poker.

Smith & Wesson Mag-Force Black Poker Glasses contain the Smith & Wesson logo, metal frames silicon nose pads, is incredibly strong, apart from having mirror clothing. Metal frames, most of the times are given preference over the plastic frames, as they are more comfortable to wear.

In addition, they also represent style and class. Besides, metal frames can easily match with various kinds of outfits.

The special nose pad provided by the metal frames makes it comfortable for long time wear and at the same time fits fine on the nose. Most of the times absence of nose pads makes the whole look quite uncomfortable and distracting.

Smith & Wesson Mag-Force Black Poker Glasses are truly combination of style and comfort. Every poker player should wear the glass while playing the game as it not only creates an image but also it is indispensable to track the moves of the opponent player.

These sunglasses are especially designed for playing pokers and have become considerably hit among the poker players of the world. Most of the pieces of this brand are durable and stylish. Therefore, even if they fall accidentally, they do not break easily. One of them can ensure a long life.

As far the coating is concerned, majority of the glasses are golden as it helps the player to hide the eyes. Smith & Wesson Mag-Force Black Poker Glasses might look like sunglasses but they are not. When you wear a pair of sunglasses indoors at your poker game, it may be difficult to see clearly in the room. Poker glasses actually contain clear lenses and accordingly they do not block the light at all.

Although the Smith & Wesson Mag-Force Black Poker Glasses make it difficult to see your eyes, your own vision is not hampered. The mirror coating makes it looking like a sunglass, but it is just to create an illusion for the opponent.

If your eyes can be read easily, then one of those sunglasses seem indispensable at the time of the game. Therefore, do not compromise this cause if you are an expert player as playing with the glasses become more exciting.

In this context, it is highly recommendable that do not opt for such glasses that are made in general; rather, opt for a special one meant for this particular poker games. Considering their comfort and style, it is advisable for you to opt for one today.

These extremely cool glasses will not only make your game happening, but at the same time, you will be able to learn the witty tricks to beat your opponent at the table. Therefore, if you are planning to make your game more thrilling and successful, one of those special glasses manufactured by Smith and Wesson are must for you.

Sunglasses For Kids – A New Fashion Trend

Youngsters are not keen on brands of garments as much they are occupied with shades. Children are not worried about the cool look of shades but rather they are more intrigued by looking cool while wearing those sunglasses.The energetic Sunglasses for children are another pattern in design style. Youngsters shades are brilliant, appealing and have pre-adult casing styles. The cool states of children’s shades ranges from oval, round, feline eye, rectangular to geometric.

The dynamic shades for children essentially have metal edges, which are not all that costly. In the meantime there are plastic edges which are particularly made for infants sunglasses.Such plastic edges shades don’t make substantial opening in the pockets of guardians regardless of the possibility that they are broken.

The lines are the primary extra of children’s shades. The primary point of these lines is to keep shades immovably at a spot. Such lines are accessible in various materials, which shield the sensitive shades from harm.

There are innumerable brands of children’s shades with various and alluring components. The oio sun offers unbreakable casings, lenses, and scratch evidence shades with no sharp metal parts. The fortunate brand has extraordinarily dispatched another gathering ‘fortunate brand children’s optical accumulation. Fortunate accumulation involves four selective styles for young ladies and young men with fun subjects, for example, peace signs or fable mythical beasts. All these casings are handcrafted and made up of either metal or acetic acid derivation. Free T-shirt and case is given with buy of new edge.

Another, RKS brand concentrates on the eyes insurance of children from ultra violet beams. This brand offers two hues for young men (red or dark) and young ladies (pink or purple). RKS shades are strong and accessible for children of all ages.

The shades of children go about as a selective present at the season of their birthdays. Numerous wholesalers and retailers offer great shades for children at shabby rates. Shades for children are outlined in a powerful and beautiful way as kids for the most part draw towards bright things. Ensure that you generally purchase shades from a dependable store so as to have worth of your cash.